50 Years of Blues

KING EDWARD - 50 Years Of Blues 750x750

Mississippi bluesman “King” Edward Antoine, 78, has been hired as a session guitarist on other artist recordings so often over the decades that he can’t even remember the number of times. King has now released 50 Years of Blues, his own long-deserved CD and first studio album in 15 years, on Hit The Road Records.

Recorded at the famed Castle Recording Studio in Franklin, Tenn., and produced by award-winning producer Brian Brinkerhoff, 50 Years of Blues gives King his chance to present his own music.

Nashville musicians Doug Lancio on rhythm guitar and Marco Giovino on drums, along with funky Atlanta-based Oteil Burbridge on bass provide the canvas for King to play his soulful guitar solos and sing his vintage bluesy vocals.

King presents two original songs, “Bring your Pretty Self Home” and “I’m a Lonely Man,” and revises three other songs he previously recorded with his brother Nolan Struck. The other tracks are covers done the “King Edward way.” If you listen closely you can hear him mouthing his chords on several of the tracks, which is what he does when he plays in person.

The album, released by Hit The Road Records, is available on CDBaby, iTunes and Amazon.