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MAG Jefferson 176

Jefferson 176

I was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, my daddy was a sharecropper and I worked on a farm with him back in the fifties. That was before I even learnt how to play music. My true name is Edward Memphis Antoine.

King Edward is featured in the July 2013 issue of Jefferson Blues Magazine, Sweden. Jefferson Blues Magazine is the oldest blues magazine still in print. The article was written by Mike Stephenson, UK, who writes for Blues & Rhythm Magazine, UK, and for Jefferson Blues.

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Jefferson 176

MAG Jefferson 176 Mike Stephenson

Jefferson 176 – Mike Stephenson



On Mississippi Roads

It’s all about the blues as the Mississippi Roads crew takes a trip to the BB King Museum in Indianola, then pays a visit to an artist in Vicksburg who “paints” the blues. Plus, we stop by to chat with a talented and popular Mississippi musician…

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King Edward, featured on ‘Mississippi Roads’.


King Edward is featured on the Mississippi Roads show, in the segment about H.C. Porter and her Blues at Home project. Check out this show about the great art project and the legendary King Edward, at the Queen of Hearts, in Jackson.

A whole hour…

Spend a whole hour with King Edward… on the Mississippi Arts Hour.